Royyal Dog

Ultra teve mural em tributo a Avicii; veja fotos!

Artista sul-coreano Royyal Dog mostrou seu talento em Miami

O segundo dia do Ultra Music Festival foi especial para os fãs de Avicii, que puderam contemplar um belo mural feito pelo grafiteiro sul-coreano Royyal Dog.

O artista desenhou com bastante realismo o rosto do DJ sueco, que foi retratado em preto e branco, sorrindo e usando boné. Além disso, o Royyal Dog também desenhou uma flor de lótus branca, em referência ao clipe de “Levels”.

Diversas pessoas aproveitaram para admirarem o mural e tirarem fotos ao lado dele. Confira:

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Dope a Avicii art at ultra! #avicii #ultra

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Veja também outros trabalhos do Royyal Dog:

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Working on an exhibition in 청와대Cheongwadae(the Blue House; Korean presidential residence) from tomorrow. If anyone ever pass by the place, come check out. All 6 artist from different playing field are getting ready for the exhibition which is opening on 21st this month, I will be painting live at the front garden 9am-6pm almost everyday till then. The place is called 사랑채Sarangchae and is opened to public during day time. Wish me luck in the freezing weather!☃️❄️🌨 내일부터 청와대 사랑채에서 라이브페인팅을 합니다. 21일에 전시 오픈행사가 있고, 6명의 각기 다른 분야의 젊은 작가가 참여합니다. 저는 야외에 전시될 그림들을 21일까지 현장에서 거의 매일 작업할 예정입니다. 사랑채는 누구나 자유롭게 입장할수 있는 공간이고 근처를 지나는 분이 있다면 작업하는 모습을 구경하실수도 있습니다. 감사합니다! _ •About the Posted work☝🏼 Located at @thecontaineryard In LA CA Hanbok(Korean traditional dress) sponsored by the master Mrs. Park @hanbok89 박술녀 한복(선생님 감사합니다!!👍🏼👍🏼) Reference photo taken by Dee @lionchrome00 Models (from the left) @m_uera @imablackpearl @ta_russia All spray paints(#mtn94) from @sprayplanet @montana_colors . #mtn #mtn94 #mtncolors #montancolors #royyaldog #vatossociety #kwa #krosswerdz #그래피티 #그라피티 #graffiti #koreagraffiti

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안녕(Shalom) 2018 18 x 40feet at the Blue House(the Korean presidential palace) . When the idea came up middle of the meeting I only thought that might be a great chance to paint a historical moment and it would mean a lot. Specially when you have an opportunity to paint in the Blue House. But this was the hardest work I’ve ever done in my life(it wasn’t even hard photo to paint) because there are so many people who hate this painting. Even if I don’t support the present president(I do) I would be happy to see him launched the first summit between the South and North. As a Christian I wish for peaceful unification and I believe that’s what God wants. You can’t imagine what I’ve been through during the work. Those who don’t think the peaceful unification is possible(or who just don’t want) they didn’t even want to see the portrait of main adversary’s head in the Blue House. They seemed like they would be mad for anything. Even if I tell them my stance is not against theirs, they were not ready to talk. I have thoughts and opinions but I didn’t wear any political colors when I painted this. I just wanted to paint those hands not the famous people next to them. The South and North held each others hands once and it’s happening again and it soon will change so many people’s lives in good way. I only care the poor people who deserve better tomorrow, and freedom to have religions. . #mtn #mtn94 #mtncolors #montancolors #royyaldog #bvsc #vatossociety #kwa #krosswerdz #그래피티 #그라피티 #graffiti #koreagraffiti

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Need to speak up how I think about discrimination. As an asian, as a this kind of painter. People told me to more be careful about this topic tho. Reason I paint black people, is because I always liked HipHop music and its mostly from black people and culture. It felt like I got present from them and I wanted to give my own present to the culture. But still there is reasons I keep painting this. Because you guys think I am trying to make a better place(and now I am sort of). I never said that I’m fighting against racism. But some of you guys think that way. Just like Rihanna has never said that she hates asian but she’s known as a racist in Korea. Most of the people just think the way they want to think. Whatever people say, I could be either a peacemaker or a chancer. Rihanna could be either a racist or not. But judging her with a picture and a gesture, is even too discrimination. I know she would like my painting. We all have the right not to be hate but also we all have the freedom to hate too. Sometimes we so easily say ‘it's racism’ or ‘you’re a racist’. (Even some white people says that Koreans are racists by making a additional less spicy level for tofu soup and name it white. Tofu has been always white..)But those words makes us more separated. We are being what we are and no matter how the other color think about you we are all beautiful. There IS racism. I’m not sayin there is no discrimination. I can’t dare say that I could understand black people and their history, but thank God I’m a yellow here and I feel the discrimination too. THIS IS NOT ABOUT COLORS, haters are gonna always hate, people have the right to hate my painting, don’t call them supremacists, don’t fight them commenting under my painting pictures(I appreciate tho), the painting is all about harmony, peace, conciliation and understanding, if you like it please don’t make it useless. We are fighting against the old vice, not an old sucky man. Let’s not make more racists by hating each other. I know you guys would still love my painting when I paint white people. I don’t want to be called as a hired painter but I like Rihanna, hope she likes it. Love you guys, we deserve better world.

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