Philippe Zdar

Pioneiro da house francesa, Philippe Zdar morre aos 52 anos

DJ e produtor era mais conhecido pelo trabalho à frente do duo Cassius; personalidades do mundo da música lamentam sua morte

Faleceu na noite dessa quarta-feira, 20, Philippe Cerboneschi, mais conhecido como Philippe Zdar, um dos expoentes do movimento french touch e membro do importante duo Cassius, formado em conjunto com Hubert Blanc-Francard — o Boom Bass. O DJ, produtor e compositor tinha 52 anos e deixa três filhos.

Zdar morreu após cair da sacada de um apartamento em alto andar, em Paris. Segundo seu agente, Sebastien Farran, a queda foi acidental. “Seus amigos do coração se juntam a sua família para testemunhar sua infinita tristeza. Hoje a música perdeu um gênio”, acrescentou, em nota à agência de notícias francesa AFP.

De acordo com o jornal francês Le Monde, uma testemunha afirmou que o artista estava encostado na sacada, que acabou cedendo ao seu peso. A polícia vem trabalhando para investigar o fato.

Para esta sexta-feira, 21, Zdar e Boom-Bass preparavam-se para lançar seu quinto álbum de estúdio em 20 anos de projeto — Cheers, cujos dois primeiros singles, “Don’t Let Me Be” e “Calliope”, saíram nas últimas semanas. Com a tragédia, é possível que o lançamento do disco seja suspenso. O Cassius não se manifestou até o momento desta publicação.

Vídeo de “Don’t Let Me Be” saiu na última terça-feira

Comoção mundial

Parte da importância de Zdar pôde ser conferida a partir das manifestações de diversas figuras importantes do cenário musical. Tanto com o Cassius quanto nos bastidores dos estúdios, ele trabalhou em conjunto com artistas do naipe de Kanye West, Pharrell Williams, The Beastie Boys, Franz Ferdinand, Air, Cat Power, Chromeo, Bloc Party, Hot Chip (com quem trabalhou no novo álbum do grupo, também previsto para esta sexta) e Phoenix — para este último, produziu o álbum Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix, de 2010, que foi premiado com o Grammy de Melhor Álbum de Música Alternativa.

Assim, diversos desses artistas — que foram parceiros de estúdio ou influenciados por sua música — prestaram suas condolências nas redes sociais. Além dos músicos dos projetos citados acima, nomes como David Guetta, Calvin Harris, The Black Madonna, Mark Ronson, Busy P (através do perfil da sua famosa label francesa, Ed Banger Records), Joe Mount (líder do Metronomy), A-Trak, Erol Alkan e também a prefeita de Paris lamentaram a notícia e prestaram suas homenagens.


Joe Goddard é membro do Hot Chip
Alex Kapranos, frontman do Franz Ferdinand
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Last week… no words, in fact, yes words… In 1995 we met at Radio FG, the day I put a face and a name on Motorbass. You and Etienne de Crecy delivered the milestone of French electronic music •Pansoul• I was 20 and you were already « someone » in our scene. « Flying Fingers » was the perfect crossover between hip hop and techno. You accepted my invitation to Dj at my party. You became a regular. I remember that night you played 3 times Van Helden’s « The Funk Phenomena » that was just released. That same year @cassius was born. « Foxxy Lady » became Daft Punk’s favorite and made it to their Essential mix. A year later you and Boombass introduced me to Dj Mehdi in NYC. We went to Ibiza and had the best Summer 99 of our life. You taught me how to become a man by expressing my feelings, writing on a notebook we were all sharing in the house (I still have it). I was carrying your records, I had this little camera to capture those magic moments, you & Boombass rocking that Space terrace. I enjoyed your mini spliff even if it was not my thing. I’m crying writing this now, but it feels good to realize how lucky I am to have known you. I was crazy enough to accept to become your manager in 2002. We quickly realized you were indomitable and one of the most free man ever. Once again you were there at the beginning of my new musical adventure Ed Banger records in 2003. You gave me •F.I.S.T• which became the first release of the label b/w Mr Flash « Radar Rider ». Ellen Allien was the first one to send me a feedback saying that track was mental! In 2010 you came back home with Cassius and offered Ed Banger the now classic •I <3 U so• We entered the Guinness book for the longest lunch at Ses Boques in Ibiza. Average time was 4 hours, last time with @tiga and @hubertdeblancfrancard will be unbeatable. Now I can tell you, I was scared when you were driving you Range Rover on Ibiza hills, but you calm me by playing me the records you were working on. @kindnessmusic first album will resonate in my head forever everytime I’ll go to the island. I remember when the Beastie Boys called you to work with them. You called me right away, you knew how happy I’d be for you.

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Some people are larger than life. The man standing between myself and Mehdi was Philippe Zdar. 1/2 of @cassius (and of La Funk Mob, for those who know), and one of the most brilliant mix engineers and producers to bless your ears. Cassius changed the world! And Zdar produced and mixed Phoenix's Wolfgang Amadeus! But for me the connection started when Zdar worked with @chromeo, especially when he mixed the Fancy Footwork album. In those days I'd sometimes make alternate mixes for the band – for example I'd mix the backing tracks for their shows. So Dave & Pee would give me the stems to a song, and I'd have Zdar's official mix and I would try to match it for the show track. Impossible. You can't match a Zdar mix. He was a magician. And in a way I learned through him. On top of that came the stories! You know, some people just know how to LIVE. Zdar was more than a musical genius, he was that man whose shirts were always perfectly tailored, who had the perfect watch, the perfect wallet, who knew where to eat in every city… I heard these tales from @dave1 & Mehdi, so by the time I finally met him (around the time of this pic), I felt like I already knew him. Through the years one of my joys in life was when a friend would encounter Zdar and his magic and I'd witness the amazement. Like, "oh you met Zdar! The legend." Last year I sent Philippe my single with @djtoddterry "DJs Gotta Dance More", and he and @hubertdeblancfrancard blessed me with a Cassius remix. I felt like a kid, still and forever a fan. It's important to have heroes. I'm in Paris and I can feel his presence here. Sending so much love to l'équipe. RIP 🎶FEELING FOR YOU🎶💔💔😢

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You were such an inspiration to my music, and my life. I remember the day „1999“ by @cassius came out, I was a teenager working at a record store and I was so obsessed with this song, and everything that followed. I already had the Motorbass album but back then didn’t know you were part of Cassius (nor that you produced the Mc Solar 12“ I bought in the 90s). Years later, around 2007 we finally met and I’ll never forget your amazing energy, it was so special. You were so kind, your heart so big and warm, your vibe pure sunshine. I honestly thought, wow what a guy, the kind of man you wanna be lol (yes sorry sounds weird). You just seemed to have figured out how to live right ! Shortly after you invited me and @housemeister_berlin to your house on Ibiza. You showed us all the secret spots and it was the first time we got lost vibing and geek talking all night long. Your great taste, ear and skills were so impressing. And you just kept killing it, with your work for Phoenix, The Rapture ++ and with your own music (I was so happy when I got to remix one of your songs !). We were just texting a few days ago and I basically spent all week following your tips. So thankful we met and for all the moments we shared. My thoughts are with your family, your friends @hubertdeblancfrancard @edbanger and everyone who loves you. I am heartbroken to see you go Philippe. Rest in peace my friend ❤️

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A prefeita de Paris, Anne Hidalgo, também prestou suas condolências
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